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Multitecnia Hosting Technology has been an excellent hosting enterprise since 1995. Linux, Windows OS servers with ultimate technology and a lot of control panels and web aplications service.

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Welcome to The High Hosting Service

Multitecnia Hosting Company providing networking services, and design of websites for Industrial Enterprise and wide segment of costumers on the worldwide.

Panel Control Hosting Environment

Since 1995 Multitecnia is working with the last best applications for the web. PrestaShop, Mageto, WordPress, Jommla, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWik and a lot of apps more for e-Commerce, Bussiness, Photos and Files, Surveys and Statics.

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High-tech components

Private DNS,IP comunication, Ip Cameras, cloud backup, wifi internet remote control dispositives, https, ipv6, 5G, web device compatibility, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux.

Ultimate Servers

Online robust plataform, high memory performance and wide disk space for high traffic, 99% online, 24/365 technical support. php,, html5, java, MySQL enviroment.

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The Hosting Next Generetion

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High system performance
Full operation servers, wide memory and space disk for high data transfer, hardware and softare updates.

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Reliable Control Panel
Redesigned control panel, full control and customizable website. FTP, mails, domains, subdomains easy setup.

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Conexion and online system
Backup and 24/365 support and security system on Windows/linux servers with ultimate data center conexion.

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Friendly software apps
Bundled packet of miscellaneous software to make full websites, easy installation and setup..

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Multi Options to development the perfect website, always getting the best packets to enhance and improve. Take advantage and increase the online presence.


Bussiness without frontiers

Comunication point to point everywhere, everywhen. Any language, any time.

Interaction facilities

Get total costumer satisfaction with one to one comunication. Feedback of service quality.

Productivity performance

Interactive services enhanced. Ip calls, Ip survillance, Real time Chat and tracking commercial operations.

Solid IT Team

Business Team and Training Personal, Technical support to full strategy comercial implementation.

So, what do we build together?

Website, domain, corporation design

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Only Hosting

Multitecnia has been

The industry's standard

Hosting Technology ever

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Hosting and domain

Get Hosting

Get Domain

Setup Domain

Tansfer Domain

Domain support

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Hosting, domain and site design

Hosting high perfomarce

Domain brand

Website design

Full packet presence

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Improving hosting performance: Speed connection and fast data transfer.


Over 25 years experience

Multitecnia Hosting Technology, Networking Service on the worldwide, IT quality performance.

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UKAS Quality Management
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SGS ISO 9001
Making diference and better performance.

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Internation awards
Hosting Technology and IT Service since 1995.